Local History

In the vicinity of Meteora, Kalampaka, close to HostelGreco, there are a number of intriguing ancient caves with a beautiful and strange rock formation. One of them is the Theopetra Cave.αρχείο λήψης

    Theopetra Cave is a famous archaeological site near Kalampaka. It is the first excavated cave in Thessaly, but its importance is the fact, that its deposits start at the Middle Paleolithic (50,000 BC) and last until the end of the Neolithic period (4,000 BC) without gaps, containing records of the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans and then the subsequent transition from hunter-gathering to farming. A wall which was built 23.000 years ago was discovered in 2010, making it the oldest known human-built structure so far.stone age

The cave is located on the NE slope of the rocky limestone hill that overhangs the community of Theopetra near Kalampaka. Its entrance is apsidal and large (17X3 m. approximately). The interior of the cave measures about 500 sq m. and small conches are formed in its periphery.

The Cave of Theopetra, just 4km away from HostelGreco, is definitely a site not to be missed by anyone!